NPO法人「数学月間の会」へようこそ!  Welcome to Maths Awareness Council of Japan!
数学と社会の架け橋=数学月間(7/22-8/22)    社会が数学を知り,数学が社会を知る.
The period of July 22nd to August 22nd was set as "Maths Awareness Month of Japan" by the Mathematical Association of Japan (MAJ) in 2005. These dates are derived from two mathematical constants: Archimedes' constant pi(22/7=3.14) and Napier's constant / Euler's number e(22/8=2.7).
Maths Awareness Month of Japan is run on a voluntary basis by the Maths Awareness Council.
During this period we support various events for raising the awareness of maths throughout the country.
 7月22日--8月22日は数学月間(since2005)です.日本数学協会は,2005年に,7月22日ー8月22日を数学月間と定めました.この期間は,数学の基礎定数 π(22/7=3.142..) とe(22/8=2.7..) に因んでいます.この期間に,数学への関心を高めるイベントが各地で開催されるよう応援しています.

NPO法人数学月間の会(SGK),Maths Awareness Council 

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